Knife Party’s New Diplo And Friends Mix Features Two New Tracks


Knife Party‘s kept us waiting quite a while now for their new album, Trigger Warning, but at least they’re delivering some gems along the way. The Australian duo used their Diplo and Friends mix to debut a couple of tracks from the upcoming effort, in addition to an eclectic variety of music that perhaps indicates what fans can expect from the album.

Opening up the mix is the first track from Trigger Warning, “Party Parliament Funk,” which features a diverse pool of samples without betraying Knife Party’s signature style of electro house. The latter is “Kraken,” which begins around 51:30 and features much of the same. Both tracks sound like an evolution of the duo’s sound, demonstrating artistic growth without falling into the all-too-common trap of sounding overambitious.

Although Knife Party have pushed back the release of their upcoming album, check back for further updates on Trigger Warning as they become available.