Lady Gaga To Achieve 10 Million Fans On Facebook

Wired brings us news today that Lady Gaga is about to become the first person with 10 million fans on Facebook. In fact, she’s about to become the only person with 10 million fans not just on Facebook but on any social network. She’s at 9.9 million fans now and is soon to hit 10 million.

Gaga is also quite popular on Twitter, and with almost 5 million followers, she has overtaken President Obama in both Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

A website that measures online popularity, Fame Count, said that:

“Any moment, Lady Gaga is set to become the first living person to achieve 10m (million) fans on Facebook or, indeed, on any single social network.”

While Gaga may become the first living person to hit 10 million, there are other people and brands that have surpassed 10 million. Michael Jackson has about 14 million fans and Texas Hold Em Poker has more than 20 million.

Lady Gaga is also wildly popular on YouTube, she holds a couple spots in the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube.

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