Listen To This Archived Track “Haunt” From Slushii’s Early Days


Slushii has shared some unreleased material this week, offering up a new song titled “Haunt” on his recently launched archive channel. Reaching back to the days when he still went by DJ Swoon, the frosty producer’s latest release is a hard hitting dubstep cut that illustrates a side of him we don’t hear too often.

Contrasting the lighthearted future bass vibes of his contemporary work, “Haunt” sees Slushii crafting a bass heavy dubstep tune. The track opens with icy piano notes and drifting atmosphere, forging a pensive introduction as rushing snares quickly push the energy to its peak. Moving into the drop, looping metallic synth rhythms take the lead, layered over punchy half time beats as dark ambience swells in the background.

On “Haunt,” we can already hear the melodic highlights that have come to define Slushii’s unique sound, but here his style isn’t quite fully developed. It’s always interesting to hear a producer’s skills in development, especially one who’s had as much success as Slushii has seen in 2016, and fans will be excited to hear “Haunt” even if it doesn’t deliver the kind of vibe we’ve come to expect from the frozen tastemaker.