Listen To This Unreleased KSHMR ID From Tomorrowland


By now it’s well known that festival season is a veritable breeding ground for unreleased material. With so many DJs gathered in one contained area, you’re bound to bear witness to a few unheard IDs at the major dance music events. One such instance includes KSHMR‘s set from Tomorrowland earlier in the year, where the progressive house producer unveiled one of the many creations hidden in his musical vault.

The ID (heard around 26:55) features angelic female vocals, half time percussion, and somber piano chords. The track then moves into tropical house flavored drops, with four on the floor beats, sampled pan flute melodies and staccato bass stabs interspersed between the persistent hits of the kick drum.

While there was some speculation that the ID in question was our first glimpse at an upcoming collaboration with The Chainsmokers, with some Reddit users taking things even further to allege that the featured vocalist is none other than ROZES, these notions have already been debunked. After the EDM blogosphere caught wind of them and further fueled the rumor mill, The Chainsmokers reached out to plainly state that they do not have an upcoming track with KSHMR in the works. Either way, we’re excited to know he has new material on the horizon.

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