Loco Dice Releases New Single Ahead Of Album


Featuring the vocal talent of JAW, driving house pervades the vibe in Loco Dice’s latest release, “Party Angels.” It’s more of the inventive house we love, brilliantly tapping into the staple sounds of generations past. Have a listen above and groove along like nobody’s watching.

Beginning with a brooding bassline, set to the atmosphere of modular synth play, Loco Dice welcomes our ears with another dance floor burner. Quickly jamming into classic house chords, JAW’s seductive vocals quick in to jive along. Retro synthesizers wrap their arms around the eclectic percussion, and a bit of jazz sax churns up the tempo, releasing into a crazed bridge before the final bit of house closes out the track.

This is exactly what our Friday needed, and “Party Angels” is just enough to hold us off until Loco Dice’s LP drops on October 30th.

Stay on the lookout for an upcoming album review and be sure to pre-order Underground Sound Suicide now on iTunes.