WGTC Premiere: LondonBridge – “America Online”


There’s a new kid on the house music block, and he goes by the name LondonBridge. The Los Angeles-based DJ/producer and Space Yacht co-founder just got done making his EDC Las Vegas debut, and now that the dust has settled he’s ready to debut “America Online” – a track which derives influence from the early days of the information revolution itself.

After beginning with a retro arpeggio and swooshing uplift, the track breaks into an infectious groove that harkens back to the days of early house while still managing to bring new influences to the table. For how many artists have attempted in vain to jump on the house music bandwagon now that the main stage is overcrowded, LondonBridge captures the sound of the underground with relative ease.

The SoundCloud blurb accompanying “America Online” reads:

My first time using the internet was like most Americans growing up in the early 2000’s- via a dial-up modem using America Online. It makes me laugh looking back on it since it was such a primitive version of what we now know as the internet, but it was new and exciting to me.

Given LondonBridge‘s current career trajectory, it stands to reason that “America Online” will be followed by more new releases in the months to follow. For the moment, though, listen to the track by clicking on the SoundCloud embed above and look out for more from the DJ/producer in the coming months.