Lucky Charmes’ “Ready” Reinvents The Main Stage Wheel


It’s hard to put my finger on why I feel like I’m not supposed to like Lucky Charmes. It could be that he’s signed to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Recordings, or that he puts out music that I can’t help but imagine would absolutely kill at festival main stages. Still, when I really analyze it, he’s doing his own thing and I’ve gotta give respect where it’s due.

“Ready” is a special kind of future bass that, well, isn’t really future bass. I don’t know what you would call it instead, but it sounds better than most attempts made by Dutch producers to fuse the genre with big room house. Each tremulous bass wobble is frequency modulated with expert precision, and all of them are arranged in a way that gives the track a style all its own.

It sounded an awful lot like hype when Tiësto said that Lucky Charmes had a sound that hadn’t been executed before in his Billboard interview last year, but suffice it to say the man still knows good music.