Lupe Fiasco Performs New Song At Wake Forest University

Lupe has had some troubling times lately. His upcoming album, ‘Lasers’, has been pushed back numerous times. After many delays, setbacks and revisions, he finally gave his fans a release date, March 11th. Now, with a release date in hand, fans are eager to see what the talented rapper has in store for them. Luckily, Lupe recently gave fans a look at one of his new tracks.

The clip is pretty short but as always, it’s better than nothing. The video shows Lupe performing at Wake Forest University. In the clip, he’s showing off one of his new songs. The title of the track isn’t known yet but hopefully Lupe will give us more details soon.

As the anticipation builds for Lupe’s upcoming album, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all news surrounding it.