Martin Garrix Drops Final Track For ADE With Florian Picasso


Last Friday, Martin Garrix announced that he would be releasing a new track every day for seven days in conjunction with Amsterdam Dance Event, and what a week it’s been. The Dutch DJ offered up a truly eclectic group of tunes as a thank you to his fans, with widely varied tracks like “Welcome,” “Hold On And Believe,” and “Spotless.” Today marks the end of Garrix’s manic release spree, and a new Florian Picasso collab dubbed “Make Up Your Mind” arrives as the perfect send off.

Keeping things fresh, Garrix and Picasso offer up a quirky house number on “Make Up Your Mind,” kicking things off with a driving beat and some ancient Egyptian atmosphere. A melodic progression and pumelling snare rolls push the tune into the drop, as a strange sound winds down in pitch along the persistent rhythms. The middle section features a stunning breakdown with some captivating melodic plucks, before finishing the track off with another build up and drop.

“Make Up My Mind” sounds pretty unique compared to a lot of mainstream house right now, a quality that elevates its dancefloor friendly production. It’s a solid release with a unique some interesting sound design and it’s definitely a worthy end to an epic week of music from Martin Garrix.