Martin Garrix And Dyro Tease A Collaboration Via Snapchat


If you want your track to be successful, putting Martin Garrix‘s name on it certainly doesn’t hurt – so when you combine that kind of star power with Dyro’s ahead-of-the-curve production expertise you’re bound to turn out something of value. Garrix shared a short video clip via Snapchat this week confirming such a meeting of the minds, capturing the attention of both camps’ fan bases in the process.

Martin Garrix shared the following clip on his Snapchat story, which showcases a short snippet of the melodic arrangement as heard from the sound system of Garrix’s studio:

In addition, Dyro uploaded a photo of the two artists from India’s Sunburn festival captioned, “Finishing a hitsong with this guy next week.”

While neither he nor Martin Garrix have made any mention of a title or official release date for the upcoming collaboration, check back for updates as they’re sure to reveal more details in the days to follow. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the portion they’ve teased by commenting below.

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