Martin Garrix Reveals How He Makes His Hits


In a recent interview, Martin Garrix opened up about how he makes his hits as he discussed his creative process and working with Bebe Rexha on his latest single “In The Name Of Love.”

Talking about working on the road, the world famous DJ states that inspiration can strike at any time and the life of a traveling musician dictates that sometimes you have to improvise to get your ideas down.

I’ll record it on my phone with my own voice, humming. When I get to the studio, I check which melodies work.

Garrix also revealed that when it comes to hashing out a composition, his recent working methods have seen the electronic producer opting to grab a guitar to work out his melodies.

I sit in my living room for hours trying different chords. I come up with a break, drop, and everything that the song needs to get better. Sometimes it can help to work with a vocalist.

Finally, the Dutch producer offered up a few insights about his interest in working with vocalist Bebe Rexha and the nature of their working relationship.

She has that rough edge, but somehow also a very sweet voice. We were super honest with each other. She tries some stuff…I have an idea in my head about how I think it should be… [eventually] we came to the point where we were both like, ‘Wow! That’s it!’

Martin Garrix is one of the brightest dance music producers in the industry and it’s always interesting to get a few insights into what goes into making his biggest tracks. His comments here, though brief, give us a glimpse of his creative process and given that he’s promised us a lot more new music before the year’s over, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see what he drops next.

Source: Your EDM