Martin Garrix’s “In The Name Of Love” Gets A Remix Package


When Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha released their collaborative single “In The Name Of Love” earlier in the summer, it was clear that it marked a turning point in the Dutch DJ’s evolution. With irresistibly catchy vocals and a refined future bass production, the single was a natural progression into a more mainstream sound that saw the “Animals” producer moving outside his comfort zone. Today, Garrix has released a remix pack for “In The Name Of Love” via his label STMPD RCRDS, with DallasK, The Him and Snavs taking on the mixing duties.

Amsterdam based duo The Him deliver an energetic house take of “In The Name Of Love,” transforming the downtempo original into an upbeat dancefloor cut. The future bass rhythms are swapped out in favor of a driving house groove, complete with offbeat piano chords, ambient synths and chopped up vocal melodies.

DallasK, meanwhile, offers up a heartfelt rendition of “In The Name Of Love” with his remix, contrasting stripped down verses driven by Bebe Rexha’s vocals with upbeat drops complete with four on the floor rhythms and uplifting melodies. Snavs brings the collection to a close with his remix, picking up the pace for a jaunty trap re-imagining with bouncing basslines, sped up vocals and hard hitting beats.

The “In the Name Of Love” remix pack does justice to Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha’s original, with each producer delivering a memorable rework. It’s hard to top a great production like “In The Name Of Love,” but the collection has plenty to offer and fans of the song should be pleased.