Matisse & Sadko And Vigel’s Tengu Is Main Stage Perfection


This has been quite a summer for Matisse & Sadko. The Russian progressive house duo didn’t have to ride on breakout superstar Martin Garrix’s coattails with collaborations like “Dragon” and “Break Through the Silence” for long before they were flying high on their own merit with the clubby departure that was “Memories.” This go-around, they’ve teamed up with the all but unknown Vigel on “Tengu,” and it’s the best track that they’ve put out to date.

A dramatic downlift introduces the divine lead melody of “Tengu,” which first takes the form of sterile synth plucks before erupting into a grandiose crescendo of hoover synth stacks. An as-yet unidentified female vocalist holds a sustained note until the track drops into a menacing electro house rhythm that will undoubtedly send waves of motion out into the crowds surrounding speaker stacks at plenty more festivals before the season draws to a close. Mainstream EDM might be a disingenuous circus, but tracks like this remind us that there’s still a way to do it right.

However, this is only the teaser; the full track is slated for release on September 21st through DOORN Records. In the meantime, check out Matisse & Sadko and Vigel’s “Tengu” and tell us your thoughts on the track by making a trip down to the comments section.