Martin Garrix Breaks Through The Silence With Matisse & Sadko Once Again


It looks as though Martin Garrix‘s musical relationship with Russian progressive house duo Matisse & Sadko wasn’t limited to last month’s “Dragon,” and quite frankly, we don’t mind one bit. Another joint effort between the three artists has arrived in the form of the invigorating “Break Through The Silence.”

Driven by a powerful vocal contributed by an as-yet-unidentified male singer, this track begins with an almost suspenseful synth melody before a rapid uplift carries it into a vibrant swell of synth stacks. You can almost hear the roar of a sold-out festival main stage at each monumental peak, and you likely will if you make it out to any number of live music events over the rest of the festival season.

Even though his releases with Matisse & Sadko don’t hold true to his apparent recent goal of mastering his own unique style as an artist, they make for compelling pieces of music – and besides, it’s commendable for Garrix to bring up-and-coming artists into the mainstream spotlight in such a manner. If we had our way, this would be the start of a long future between the three artists.

Listen to Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko’s “Break Through The Silence” above and tell us, do you look forward to hearing it in DJ sets over the months to follow?