MGMT Promises To “Re-Dominate Your Mind Hole” In 2016


In spite of their recent inactivity, there isn’t an outfit more synonymous with the indie music community’s gradual adoption of blog house sensibilities than MGMT. While artists like Justice and MSTRKRFT might have represented the final destination for music fans who made such a transition between 2007-2009, MGMT’s synthesis of proto-punk instrumentalism and nostalgic dance music production elements made them an entry point through which the hipsters of yesteryear were gradually funnelled into what would later evolve into the contemporary EDM movement.

By the looks of things, though, 2016 might see a spirited return from the Middletown, Connecticut-based duo. On Christmas Day, they tweeted the following:

MGMT did not play any gigs throughout 2015, and have not released an album since their self-titled 2013 effort. While their tweet is too vague for fans to know exactly what they should expect from the duo, it’s still reassuring to know that they haven’t dropped off the map altogether.