Mija Shows Off Her Production Skills On New Massive Attack Remix


Though Skrillex’s favorite DJ Mija is primarily known for her skills behind the decks, she occasionally takes to releasing studio tracks to put her production talents to the test. The recognizable sea foam haired DJ has released a few remixes this year, and returned over the weekend with a new version of Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus” off their 2010 album Heligoland.

Mija takes the Trip-hop track in a wholly different direction from Massive Attack’s version, significantly altering the original vocal take while supplementing the production with massive trap beats. Though the haunting intro to the remix starts things off on the right foot, the drops prove somewhat unimpressive as a simple Bassnectar style synth bass takes over as the point of focus.

Though the drops are a bit underwhelming, there are still some promising elements in the remix and it’s nice to hear Mija placing more focus on her production efforts.

Her “Paradise Circus” remix is now available as a free download on the official SoundCloud post, so if you dig it, be sure to grab your copy today.