Moby Announces Upcoming Album And Releases New Single


Electronic music icon Moby is back this week to announce the debut album of his latest musical venture, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir. The forthcoming record will be dubbed These Systems Are Failing and to get listeners excited, Moby has released a new single titled “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?” while also offering up a manifesto that outlines the project’s politically charged ideology.

“Are You Lost In The World Like Me?” hits big with a driving synth pop production complete with anthemic guitars, somber pads and grinding percussion. Moby delivers an 80’s flavored set of vocals for the song, complimenting the throwback production elements.

To accompany the album, he’s also released a haunting manifesto of the same name, featuring black and white imagery of the musician himself underwater alongside several figures in animal masks. Set against the surreal imagery is a powerful narration about the imminent collapse of civilization.

These Systems Are Failing is set to be released on October 14 via Mute Records and for more information, you can check out the full tracklist below.

1. Hey Hey
2. Break.Doubt
3. I Wait for You
4. Don’t Leave Me
5. Erupt + Matter
6. Are You Lost in the World Like Me?
7. A Simple Love
8. The Light Is Clear in My Eyes
9. And It Hurts

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