New Jay Electronica Track: Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute)

Hot off of his new deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Jay Electronica hits us with another new track as a tribute to the late Guru (one half of Gangstarr in case you didn’t know), who passed away earlier this year. The mystery man continues to puzzle me because for someone as hyped as Jay Elec is by the hip hop community, he hasn’t released an official album or even too many loose tracks.

I think we’ve heard more from Jay Electronica this year than the past two years. Could it be signing with Jigga reignited his fire and increased his output? Is Jigga the one prompting him to release more material to get people amped for his long awaited debut? Or maybe he’s just releasing stuff from his vaults to keep the fans salivating since I have a hard time believing he doesn’t have at least an album’s worth of unheard material piling up over the years.

Nevertheless, while ‘Act II’ will not be releasing this year, here is the latest song from Jay Elec called Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) featuring Tone Treasure on the hook. The obligatory opening speech from Martin Luther King Jr. was a little unnecessary but I think any Jay Elec fan is now used to these kinds of intros to his songs. Other than that, this is a dope song with Jay Elec killing it as always. Check it out.

Jay Electronica – Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) feat. Tone Treasure