New Single Continues The Chainsmokers’ World Domination


Continuing the trajectory set in place by “Roses,” The Chainsmokers have just released their follow up to the monstrous single “Don’t Let Me Down.” Featuring the vocal talent of Charlee, “Inside Out” is an indie themed tune that explores the depths of The Chainsmokers’ songwriting.

From the start, the track hits with a thickened atmosphere, employing introspective guitar thrums between waxing percussion and calculated piano chords. Before long, the breakdown culminates in a glorious mix of The Chainsmokers’ famed interpretation of future bass, resulting in another impressive effort from the NYC-based duo.

Overall, “Inside Out” is a testament to their production talent, and nods to some brilliant execution from their supporting team. Even the cover art reflects the essence of the track: “Bend your chest open so I can read your heart.” Truly, the song is a tearjerking collage of everything The Chainsmokers have grown to stand for, and we absolutely love it.

Have a listen above and be sure to support “Inside Out” on iTunes and Spotify. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out the gallery below for some of the photos that we shot of the guys during Ultra Music Festival a few weeks ago.