Niall Horan Premieres Creative “This Town” Lyric Video


Niall Horan’s debut solo single, “This Town,” is getting more and more charming with each passing second. It’s continuing to rise on pop radio, and with each television performance, Horan appears to have a knack for the whole solo thing after all. The latest treat he’s giving us is a lyric video for the track, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Ever since lyric videos made their introduction years ago, artists have been trying to figure out ways to make them stand out, because who really wants to just watch lyrics scroll by on a screen anyway? With “This Town,” the song goes above and beyond in its drawn stop-motion video thanks to animator Marcus Frank, and with over 1,800 illustrations, it’s even got a little love story tied in there, too. Ironically, it barely includes any lyrics from the song, but you’ll be too enamored with the clip to notice.

Besides the video, “This Town” also recently got a super fun dance remix from Tiësto in case the original bums anyone out too much. Niall Horan’s upcoming album probably won’t have any Tiësto-esque songs on it, but there won’t be much to complain about if the tracks end up getting lyric videos like these.