Nicki Minaj Takes On Marilyn Monroe


UPDATE: The song has been removed from YouTube but we are working on finding a new link.

New Nicki Minaj music dropped today. A tagged version of Marilyn Monroe, the female MC’s newest song, has hit the internet for your listening pleasure. No word on if it will be on Nicki’s sophomore LP but I sure hope it is. It’s not exactly “Monster” Minaj but I do like it.

“Just call me blessed / If you can’t handle my worst / You ain’t getting my best / Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt?” she asks.

The track sounds like a demo or something close to it, it’s definitely not a finished product. Once complete though, I think it could be a hit. Like I mentioned above, no one seems to know where the track came from or where we’ll eventually see it but I do think it has potential.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Clicheclaudesays:

    Link for song is broken

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