Norman Doray Drops A Funky House Single Titled “All In”


Norman Doray is breaking the silence with a new single this week, delivering an upbeat house number with “All In.” The French producer’s newest effort weighs heavy with dancefloor rhythms and infectious melodies, making for a perfect end of summer release.

“All In” opens with a powerful percussion lead in as an enticing chord progression and funky guitar licks are slowly layered into the mix. After creating a sturdy rhythmic foundation for the new single, some catchy topline melodies courtesy of an unnamed vocalist enter the speakers as rubbery synths push the song towards an energetic climax.

Clocking in at just under five minutes, Norman Doray‘s latest offering is a sprawling French house inspired number with more than enough energy to keep the crowds busy on the dance floors, while its earworm melodies and memorable vocal hooks keep things memorable.

“All In” is available now via Armada Music and can be purchased here.