Oliver Heldens Gives “Go” By Moby The HI-LO Treatment


Moby’s been back on the mainstream radar since the release of Porcelain: A Memoir. By the looks of things, he’s planning on milking the opportunity for all it’s worth, as he’s enlisted Oliver Heldens to remix his 1991 classic, “Go,” under his HI-LO alias.

Unfortunately, the HI-LO remix of “Go” falls short of the poignance that was its source material. Where a genres-be-damned progression set the original apart from other electronic music releases and served to propel Moby into international superstardom, Heldens’ bass house reimagining sounds tragically sample pack-y.

According to Billboard, Moby approached Heldens himself to pitch the remix – not the other way around, as is more commonly the case. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that even at Oliver Heldens’ level, you just can’t force inspiration.

Then again, I might be in the minority when it comes to my opinions on Oliver Heldens‘ HI-LO remix of Moby’s “Go.” After giving it a listen, let me know where you fall on the release by sounding off in the comments section below.