Oliver Heldens To Release His Own Line Of “Deep Sparkling Water”


While Oliver Heldens has been keeping busy on the musical front with new singles like “Flamingo” and his new collab with Chocolate Puma, as well as the announcement of his upcoming HI-LO-WEEN show in Brooklyn, the Dutch producer has recently revealed his intention to branch out into other ventures.

Oliver Heldens has announced that he will be taking a dive into the world of beverage sales as he reveals his own upcoming brand of sparkling water, naturally dubbed “Deep Sparkling Water.” The drink contains ingredients like cucumber, mint, and elderflower, all with input from Heldens himself. The new product will be unveiled on October 15 in the Netherlands during a meet and greet at the Albert Heijn Vleuterweide supermarket, with a portion of sales being donated to combat pollution of the ocean.

We’ve seen other artists from the dance music scene expand their operations to include outside business ventures like Kygo’s fashion line and Tiësto’s upcoming limited edition Budweiser can, but Deep Sparkling Water will represent the first beverage to be released by a DJ, a major feat for the already successful producer.

Oliver Heldens‘ Deep Sparkling Water will be available for sale at the end of the month and if you’re interested, you can purchase it here.