Ryan Tedder Denies Fake Leak Of Collab With The Chainsmokers


You know you’ve truly made it as an artist when the copycats start to come out of the woodwork with fake leaks. In the era of online multimedia it’s become commonplace for would be up and comers to misattribute their own music to bigger artists with the hopes of gaining exposure, and now, The Chainsmokers‘ upcoming collaboration with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic has become the subject of one such fake release. So much so that the singer felt the need to take to social media to denounce the alleged song.

A video has been making the rounds on YouTube under the false pretence of belonging to Ryan Tedder and The Chainsmokers, causing quite a stir among hopeful fans all along the way. While the audio certainly sounds like it could have been made by the “Closer” producers, any hope of it being a true leak has been squashed by Tedder, who refers to it as “hilariously fake.”

News of the song with Ryan Tedder was first revealed last month during a time when The Chainsmokers announced a series of upcoming collabs with artists like Coldplay’s Chris Martin, as well as Linkin Park, Weezer, and Big Sean. Fakes leaks aside, it goes without say that dance music’s most accessible duo have some big things on the way.