Open Wide For Calvin Harris’ “New” Single


Earlier today, Calvin Harris premiered his new single on NYC radio station, Hot 97. Titled Open Wide and featuring Big Sean, the track isn’t exactly brand new, as savvy listeners will instantly recognize the instrumental from the DJ’s C.U.B.A., which dropped back in the summer. This is essentially just a vocal mix to that song, with Big Sean rapping over the original.

Sure, a couple of sounds have been tweaked and tempos have been altered, but this is more or less the same synth beat that Harris used for C.U.B.A. and thus, isn’t an entirely new single. Still, it’s a catchy, yet somewhat generic, song and Big Sean’s lyrics definitely give the track a bit more energy and oomph, even if they are a bit dumb.

While I have to take off points for the lack of originality here, I definitely think that Open Wide will find an audience. Let’s just hope that the next single we get from the DJ is actually “new.”

Open Wide will be on Calvin Harris‘ upcoming album, Motion, which drops next Tuesday, November 4th. While you wait, check out the music video for the “new” single above and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.