Pendulum Hint At 2017 Reunion With New Festival Slot

Despite Rob Swire’s insistence that a Pendulum reunion isn’t happening, it would appear that the drum and bass band is gearing up for just that. Fans were pleased to see the group close out Ultra Mimi earlier in the year, sparking rumors that more live appearances were on the way. Now, a new slot at a festival in 2017 hints again at the possibility of a Pendulum reunion.

The group have been revealed as performers at Austria’s Nova Rock Festival. They’ve also been booked as a live act and are slated to perform next summer. It should be noted that Knife Party is also listed on the festival’s lineup.

In addition to the festival slot reveal, Pendulum also took to social media to tease a major announcement, posting an image featuring their logo with the tentative date of 2017. While it’s not clear if the group is hinting at a reunion tour, a new album or something else entirely, it looks like fans can expect something to surface from the drum and bass legends in the near future.

Stay tuned for more information as it arrives.