Pierce Fulton Gets Soulful On “Losing You”


Pierce Fulton continues to prove his reputation as one of dance music’s more forward thinking producers as he injects funk and gospel influences into his latest song, “Losing You.” Fulton manages to merge the disparate elements of the new release into a cohesive whole that weighs heavy with dance floor charm.

“Losing You” kicks off with a muted four bar intro that establishes a catchy groove before massive soul vocals fill the speakers. Complete with organs and a blaring horn section, “Losing You” exhibits an organic sound that draws influence from a number of genres without ever sacrificing its inherent groove.

According to Fulton himself, the new release underwent as many as ten different versions over the last three years before the producer settled on the final product, and we’re glad he didn’t give up on it before arriving at the song we hear today. “Losing You” manages to draw inspiration from the past while still sounding wholly unique and fresh, a feat few producers could pull off so effectively.