Porter Robinson And Madeon Reveal They Won’t Follow Up “Shelter”


Porter Robinson and Madeon blew music fans away back in August when they released their stunning collaboration “Shelter,” and subsequently announced a joint tour of the same name. The duo are currently making their way across the US and reactions to their shows have been warm to say the least. Unfortunately for us, however, the two musicians have revealed we shouldn’t get too comfortable with their collaborative efforts.

In a new interview with Tommy West on SiriusXM, the two producers have announced that they won’t be releasing any more music together after “Shelter,” and intend to go their separate ways once the tour ends. It’s a tough pill to swallow for fans who fell in love with the track and we had definitely hoped to see more collaborations from Robinson and Madeon in the future.

Porter Robinson sums it up nicely with a quote, stating that the final show of the Shelter tour will bring an end to the partnership.

From the start, we wanted everyone to appreciate this whole experience as something that was temporary, once-in-a-lifetime. We want the whole thing to feel like a blink. One single song, one single tour, and then it’s over.

The announcement leaves us with no other option than to enjoy the time we have left with the Shelter tour. If you haven’t done so already, you can head here to grab tickets to the remaining performances.