Porter Robinson Shows Off His Remix Of The Weeknd’s “The Hills”


Porter Robinson has been awfully quiet on the release front as of late. There’ve been a few remixes here and there, but unfortunately, we haven’t really seen anything in the way of originals since his groundbreaking album Worlds. And while that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon, we do have another remix from the young producer to share with you today.

Coming to us in the form of an Instagram video recorded at one of the DJ’s recent shows, the quick clip shows off what looks to be a remix of “The Hills” by The Weeknd, complete with a drop that sounds very Porter-esque. There’s no official rip or any further information on the track, and given that this seems to be another one of those special edits he so often incorporates into his live shows, it will likely never get a proper release.

Those who’ve seen Porter live will know that he constantly shows off impressive edits throughout his set that usually don’t ever see the light of day. It looks like “The Hills” is another case of this and for now, all we have is the Instagram video below.

We’ll let you know if and when Porter Robinson decides to make this one available to the general public, but for now, take a listen to the remix and let us know if you’re heard this one live at one of his shows recently.

The drop was insane lol . #springconcert #porterrobinson #fullerton

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