Rapper Joyner Lucas blasts Machine Gun Kelly over headlining Lollapalooza slot

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Rapper Joyner Lucas fired off a series of tweets, calling out Lollapalooza organizers’ choice to pick Machine Gun Kelly as a headliner, while claiming he turned down the festival but was still put on the flier.

Earlier this week, Lollapalooza unveiled its 2022 lineup, featuring Metallica, Dua Lipa, Green Day, and MGK as some of the acts in the headlining slot. Lucas, however, was considerably further down the lineup originally, and criticized organizers for placing him alongside artists that he believes “nobody (has) heard of”.

“These festivals is gon stop playing with me like I ain’t that n***a. Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random ni***z that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass (bag). Then I say no to the offer and these hoe ass ni***z put me on the flier anyways.

He went on to say that he believes doesn’t get the respect he deserves, claiming that he is the biggest independent artist in the game.

“Ni***z is on gon start putting respek on my name. For years I been getting these weak ass offers like I’m some lil n***a. Then ni***z who ain’t even on my level or doing my numbers is getting put in BIG LETTERS while they write my shit hella small on the flier.! How sway?!!

“I’m the biggest independent artist period with the exception of my n***a tech. And I got the numbers & the fans & the (bag) to back that statement up. How is it that these festivals keep tryna bunch my name up with a bunch of ni***z who ain’t on my level?. n***a I’m JOYNER LUCAS”

He then took aim at Lollapalooza directly, saying that he didn’t agree to the lineup nor does he want the fee they offered to pay him, while also demanding that he is removed from the bill.

“All I know is @lollapalooza better take my fukin name off that flier. I ain’t agree to that lineup and I don’t want that weak ass (bag) ni***z tried to give me. Next thing I kno the flier goes out and they gon put my name in some tiny ass letter like i ain’t me. Fuck outta here!

“Bro hit me up today asking me what time is my set at @lollapalooza. I said huh? went and looked at the flier and had to find a microscope to find my name. Disrespectful. They said i had to get my numbers up to be respected. So I went top 10 billboard independently. Still this”

Lucas then turned his attention to MGK directly, questioning how the controversial “goofy” artist managed to secure a headlining position.

Lucas also referenced Machine Gun Kelly’s infamous beef with Eminem, which is often cited as a driving force for Kelly’s choice to switch genres from rap to a more pop-punk sound.

Lollapalooza runs from July 28 – 31 in Grant Park in Chicago. If he has anything to say about it,

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