The Him Remix Rebecca & Fiona’s “Drugstore Lovin'”


Dutch DJ act The Him are back with a new release, taking on Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona’s recently released single “Drugstore Lovin'” to drop a fresh remix. The Him deliver a solid rework of the tune that blends its pop appeal with a refashioned production that improves upon the original.

The Him’s “Drugstore Lovin'” remix opens with a dreamy chord progression and rolling snare hits, before the familiar vocals hooks enter the mix. Things really get interesting in the drops though, as the duo work in deep bass hits over trap rhythms, layered under sampled melodic phrases ripped from Rebecca & Fiona’s original vocal track. At just under three and a half minutes, the remix is over before you know it and will have you hitting the replay button in no time.

The Him expand on “Drugstore Lovin'” with an updated sound that will appeal to the dance crowds, overhauling the basic pop arrangement from the original version. While Rebecca & Fiona delivered a catchy set of hooks on the song, the new remix pushes it to the next level with improved production values and fresh beats.

You can grab your own copy of The Him‘s remix right here.

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