The Remix Series For Borgeous’ “Souls” Is Just More Of The Same


Borgeous has to be the most uninteresting artist in EDM. Up until recently, he’d never even released a track that wasn’t a “collaboration” with another artist – and every single one bore striking similarities to everything else by whatever artist’s name was next to his on the track.

At long last, he finally put out an original in the form last month’s “Souls” – and while the cringeworthy music video made the otherwise bland song somewhat worth talking about, a few DJs have contributed official remixes that don’t improve upon it too much, either. Thomas Gold, Andres Fresko and Morgan Page were enlisted for the remix series, and quite honestly, I wish Morgan Page wasn’t involved with something that I couldn’t help but bash on so hard.

That said, Page’s remix was actually the best of the three. While it didn’t stray far from the main stage formula, in typical Morgan Page fashion it makes up for it with intelligent sound design. Thomas Gold and Andres Fresko both contributed largely interchangeable versions, though, which begs the question: If Borgeous more likely than not outsourced the production of “Souls” to a ghostwriter, what is everyone who participated in this remix series even recycling? Has EDM just become a giant, unfeeling force of nature that chews up the dreams of music lovers and spits out big room house tracks?

Then again, maybe now that Borgeous has broken the seal we’ll see him truly start to define himself as an artist in 2016. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.