Sammy Wilk Tackles Love And Fame In “Turn the Lights Down”


Twenty year-old Sammy Wilk first launched into celebrity as an online personality on Vine and has now emerged in the music industry under a refreshing genre blending hip hop and reggae. His distinctive sound continues with “Turn the Lights Down,” in which bright acoustic guitar meshes with deeply humming bass.

Lyrically, Sammy sings about a topic that may convey insight on a personal issue: love conflated with fame. his army of fangirls originating from his online presence has also been bolstered by his music career. While Sammy appreciates the support, his lyrics straightforwardly expresses concern over developing a genuine relationship:

“No chance to lay low in the front row / Knew that you’s a fangirl / And there’s nothing wrong with that / But it’s tough finding true love in that I can’t tell your intentions / If you love me for who I am / Then I’ll trust you cuz Im lovin’,” he croons.

His lyrics are simple and sincere, reminding listeners of the us of the ups and downs of young love—of oscillating between insecurity and confidence, between rationality and emotionality. Overall, the single showcases a relaxing groove with engaging content that piques our interest in Sammy Wilk’s potential as an artist.

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