San Holo And Yellow Claw’s New Track Is Only “Alright”


Well, not every artist can pull off something extraordinary for their first release of the new year. San Holo and Yellow Claw are both respectable producers in their own right, but what they’ve delivered in the form of their new collaboration, “Alright,” certainly leaves something to be desired.

A future bass tune with pitch-shifted vocals, “Alright” meanders towards its first drop in a somewhat disjointed manner, relying a little too heavily on sound design novelties and not enough on depth of concept. Strangely, its most interesting measures arrive at the very end of the track, where a peculiar key change lifts the progression into a shroud of white noise before fading out.

Not to worry, though; San Holo and Yellow Claw still have the rest of 2016 to turn out more poignant tracks. And when they bring something new to the table, you can count on us to bring it your way.

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