Skrillex On Mad Decent Boat Party Tragedy: “Things Happen”

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Between the controversies that arose at events like Electric Forest and TomorrowWorld, it’s no far cry to suggest that the 2015 festival season will be remembered for untimely mishaps – and the tragedy that took place at Mad Decent Boat Party a couple weekends ago served to cap it off in all too fitting a manner. It’s difficult for those of us in the music community to know exactly what to say following events like these – a reality that’s been highlighted by a recent interview with Skrillex, one of the event’s headliners.

The bass music icon was in tow with a few others when he was cornered by TMZ reporters outside of a limousine. Even though he at first looked intent on escaping from the camera, when one of the reporters brought up Mad Decent Boat Party, he took the opportunity to make a statement on the unfortunate turn of events:

“Things happen. And on cruise ships a lot of times there’s 3,000 people, and something really awful happens and you have the rest of the people who paid like all of their money to have an amazing weekend. And it’s something, like, bad things happen all over the world. And it’s something that none of us ever foresaw or would’ve ever wanted to be a part of. And it affected all of us so much, and it’s not something that we want to be sensationalized, and the reason I’m talking to you is because no one’s answered this question before.”

As disconnected as Skrillex‘s thoughts on the matter are, they do highlight the shock that all parties involved must still be dealing with in the wake of Kaylyn Rose Sommer’s tragic death.