Skrillex And Marshmello Share Three-Part Teaser For Collaboration

marshmello-and-skrillex (1)

Marshmello’s productions tend be pretty hit or miss, but as long as he’s got Skrillex holding down the fort it’s safe to say what they’ve got in the works will rock its fair share of festival crowds. In case you still need to be convinced, though, the two DJ/producers have shared Instagram videos taken during some time they spent in the studio.

The first video showcases a section of the arrangement with an unmistakeable melodic dubstep leaning (once you’ve tuned out Skrilli Vanilli’s vocals) and in the second, a more hollow pluck synth is the solitary element of the arrangement.

The third wins the award for showcasing the least of Skrillex’s lyrical contributions (I mean, there’s still some there) but also stands out for showcasing the most recognizable fusion between the two artists’ styles out of all the clips.

…And no, you couldn’t pay me to care who Marshmello actually is. I do, however, care about hearing more of his and Skrillex‘s new collaboration – so check back often to find out whether or not we’ve gotten our hands on it just yet.