Skrillex And Valentino Khan Finally Release “Slam Dunk”


Despite finding its place as a staple in Skrillex‘s live sets over the last year, as well as airing on OSWLA radio, the Valentino Khan assisted collab “Slam Dunk” seemed it would remain under wraps indefinitely. However, the two producers have finally released their joint single with Kstylis today, revealing a blistering dance floor anthem.

“Slam Dunk” is a by the books Trap banger that hits all the expected marks without traversing any new ground, but that won’t matter to the dance crowds. The new single opens with gradually building percussion and rising atmosphere, as some over-auto-tuned vocals hype the track up. Moving into the drops, our ears are treated to pounding 808 hits, spastic siren sounds and Skrillex’s trademark robotic bass growls.

Valentino Khan and Skrillex score a serviceable Trap hit with “Slam Dunk,” and fans should be excited to finally see an official release for their effort. In fact, it’s a good time to be a Skrillex fan all around, as the producer has been busy unleashing a number of singles over the last two weeks, including his track with Rick Ross on “Purple Lamborghini” and his long awaited MIA collab.

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