Soujia Boy announces new child and joyfully embraces their mother

Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy is having his first child, and he just shared the news with his friends and fans in a fun, joy-filled celebration.

As Soulja Boy prepares to toss an item filled with powder, a woman beside him eagerly holds a confetti cannon. Within seconds, the big announcement caused an eruption of excitement as it was revealed that the bundle of joy is a sweet boy.

Soulja Boy immediately enveloped his partner in a warm embrace as they both laughed and felt a world of emotion in learning that they were having a boy. “It’s a boy, it’s a boy,” Soulja Boy kept repeating as he peppered her face with kisses, and loved ones around them cheered.

Soulja Boy is most famously known for his break-out 2007 hit, Crank That, and with eight studio albums — he’s been a consistent presence in the music realm since then. 

According to TMZ, the expectant mother is a woman called Jackie, who has styled hair for a variety of big names including Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and more.

This afternoon, Soulja Boy shared a sweet message to his son — promising to love him forever and thanking God for the blessing. Congratulations, Soulja Boy.