Steve Aoki And Boehm Release Official Music Video For “Back 2 U”


It never fails to amaze me how much a music video can change my perception of a track. I certainly did not have nice things to say about Steve Aoki and Boehm’s “Back 2 U” featuring WALK THE MOON, but the colorful music video that was just uploaded to Ultra Music’s YouTube account manages to distract me from its riskless, Clear Channel-friendly execution.

Posterized cutouts of seemingly random people (with Aoki, Boehm and WALK THE MOON included for good measure) are superimposed over colorful background patterns. Phone screens are the central theme of the video, and the viewer’s vantage point zooms into them to prompt each change of scenery.

Now that that’s over with, allow me to re-emphasize that Steve Aoki is everything wrong with dance music. Boehm and WALK THE MOON are okay, I guess, but they should still be ashamed of themselves for acting as enablers to the washed-up cake thrower.