Steve Aoki And DVBBS Debut Unreleased ID Featuring 2 Chainz At Spring Awakenings


If it comes as a surprise to anyone that a collaboration between Steve Aoki and DVBBS sounds nothing like either act’s signature sound, then they haven’t been paying attention. The three artists recently debuted a track featuring 2 Chainz that sounds predictably far removed from anything they’ve put out individually in the past.

DVBBS and Aoki all made sure to stand on top of the DJ booth for nearly the entire duration that they premiered the song at Spring Awakenings. Following the typical Steve Aoki formula of cross-pollinating with as many major names as possible, the as-yet-unreleased ID features verses of Fetty Wap-esque cry-singing by 2 Chainz that almost distracts from how thoroughly passé the trap drop is.

If you’re looking forward to the official release of Steve Aoki‘s DVBBS collaboration featuring 2 Chainz, I feel sorry for you. Not as sorry for their ghost producer, though, as I can only imagine that they’re out of a job after this disaster of a track.