Steve James Teams Up With Clairity On “Renaissance”


Steve James has made his new single “Renaissance” featuring Clairity available for streaming on  SoundCloud ahead of its release date next week, dropping a soulful EDM ballad that will hit you right in the feels as much as it will have you dancing.

“Renaissance” opens with a somber piano progression accompanied by Clairity’s distinctive vocals, giving the new song a sparse introduction that sets the mood for what’s to follow. James crafted unique drops for the new single, utilizing samples of organic instrumentation that have been chopped up and re-arranged into a groovy, mid-tempo beat.

Steve James succeeds at forging a unique identity among an endless wave of EDM producers, using familiar sounds to give “Renaissance” a fresh appeal. Blending pop hooks, catchy melodies, and unusual production elements, James’ skillfully crafted backing track compliments Clairity’s voice perfectly. “Renaissance” sees James pushing the boundaries of dance music, resulting in a single that stands apart from its contemporaries.

“Renaissance” will be released December 7 via Seeking Blue.