Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Are Out For Revenge In New ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ Music Video


After a momentous weekend for the singer, Taylor is having her cake and eating it too in a new music video. Just days after the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) — a re-recorded and thoroughly reimagined exploration of her 2012 album Red — the star has released the second short film based off a new song. 

The now-30 track album features previously unrecorded tracks (dubbed “from the vault”), among them “I Bet You Think About Me.” Featuring guest vocals from country music star Chris Stapleton, the song is an indictment of an unknown ex who thought himself too good for the singer. While we don’t know who the subject of the track is, Taylor gave fans much to speculate on with lyrics about their wealth and lifestyle.

I bet you think about me when you’re out

At your cool indie music concerts every week

I bet you think about me in your house

With your organic shoes and your million-dollar couch

I Bet You Think About Me, Red (Taylors Version)

Miles Teller (Whiplash) plays the role of the punching bag in the glorified music video, which was directed and written by Swift alongside actress Blake Lively. The video is the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl star’s directorial debut. Taylor can be seen crashing Teller’s all-white wedding dressed in ever-more stunning solid red outfits. Costume design was headed by celebrity stylist Joseph Cassell, whom Taylor has worn several times before. 

As Taylor slowly dots the hall with red flowers, dye, and wipes away white frosting to reveal bright red velvet cake beneath the centerpiece, Teller comes to realize that he won’t get over her.