Taylor Swift Fans Force Miles Teller To Confirm Vaccination Status


Even though nobody’s going to argue that The Divergent Series was a little underwhelming and Fantastic Four positively sucks, Miles Teller has still gained a reputation for being one of the most dedicated young talents in the industry.

The 34 year-old is known for going all-in to prepare for his intense performances in movies including Whiplash, Bleed For This, Only the Brave and Thank you For Your Service, but he’s come under fire recently due to his purported vaccination status, although his representatives denied that his refusal to comply with health and safety protocols was the reason why production on Paramount+ series The Offer about the making of The Godfather was shut down.

Teller recently made an appearance in the music video for Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me”, which was directed by Blake Lively. While that’s fairly harmless in itself, he’s had to publicly announce on Twitter that he is in fact vaccinated after an army of Swifties bombarded him with criticism on social media.

Taylor Swift fans pressuring Miles Teller into revealing whether or not he’s been vaccinated against COVID-19 isn’t something we expected to happen, but he was apparently forced into action after trending on social media for unsavory reasons entirely unrelated to his performance in the music video.