Tegan And Sara Try To “Stop Desire” In New Music Video


Tegan and Sara weren’t kidding when they said they were making a music video for every song off their latest album, Love You To Death. Nearly three weeks after dropping the clip for “White Knuckles,” the duo are back with a video for “Stop Desire.”

The clip marks the eighth video to release from the record, and the song is one of the catchiest in the band’s entire catalog. The video itself is light hearted and humorous, as Tegan and Sara go about their day whilst everyone around them has a bit of a dirty mind. Just when you thought doing laundry, heading to the post office, or taking a trip to the local farmers’ market were innocent activities, “Stop Desire” will make you think again. Allister Ann (Owl City, The Civil Wars) directed the video, and the band says that they wanted to “marry the high-energy” of the “Stop Desire” production with the song’s sexual undertones – so, mission accomplished.

There’s only two videos left to release for Tegan and Sara’s music video saga, and as the project is coming to its end, it’s going to be bittersweet when we no longer have any more to look forward to. However, if the final two match the quality of “Stop Desire,” then they’ll surely make for a grand finale.

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