Thero Drops An Awesome Remix Of Hopium’s “Dreamers”


Up-and-coming producer Thero dropped a new remix of Hopium’s “Dreamers” this week, offering up his own version of the song that lands somewhere between future bass and tropical house. His rework skillfully flips the track’s most memorable elements while breathing new life into the song as he takes it into dance music territory.

Thero does plenty to switch things up on his remix of “Dreamers,” infusing an upbeat island vibe into his production. His version opens quietly, with crackly noise and summery ambience filling the stereo space as the original song’s familiar vocal track enters the speakers. Catchy percussive hits and tropical plucks lead up to the drops, dominated by slowed down stuttering beats and offbeat synth lines.

Overall, Thero‘s take on “Dreamers” serves as a unique and memorable entry in his body of work, and you can grab a free download of the remix here if you’re digging it.