Throttle Samples James Brown On “Money Maker (VIP Edit)”


Earlier in the year, Throttle made his Spinnin’ Records debut with the post-disco single “Money Maker,” which featured a sample from funk icon James Brown’s “Sex Machine.” Now, the rising producer is revisiting the tune with a VIP edit.

The new edit for “Money Maker” keeps all the soulful appeal of the original in tact, while stretching out the runtime to a more satisfying duration just shy of the five minute mark. Kicking off with a steady house beat, Throttle slowly begins to introduce the repeated James Brown sample into the mix as swanky guitar licks and a rumbling bassline hash out a rhythmic texture. After a breakdown, the producer works things back up by introducing piano melodies and disco strings, allowing the upbeat elements to repeat throughout the mix until a drawn out outro brings the song to a close.

Throttle goes big on the VIP Edit of “Money Maker,” delivering a funky house track that eclipses the original single.