TomorrowWorld’s 2014 Afterlapse Will Kickstart Your TWFOMO


It must be about time for TomorrowWorld‘s organizers to start making announcements, because the festival just released an official “afterlapse” of its 2014 edition. Set to Sander Van Doorn’s “Ori Tali Ma” – which ironically did not come out in 2014 – the video showcases imagery intended to tease the experience to prospective attendees.

The 2014 Afterlapse opens to a series of crowd shots sped up via timelapse photography before images of glowing LED hula hoops and firework displays punctuate the distinctive percussion of the accompanying music. The swirling imagery almost seems to dance to the beat, swelling and building to a rhythm all its own before the song cuts out and the credits roll.

Considering that TomorrowWorld‘s organizers, SFX Entertainment, have not released any lineup details for the 2015 installment of the festival, it’s safe to assume that the afterlapse is intended to put the festival’s name back in people’s mouths before they make such information available.

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