Two Friends Remix Audien’s 2015 Lady Antebellum Collaboration


L.A.-based DJ/producer duo Two Friends almost seem to have waited for the hype surrounding Audien’s “Something Better” featuring Lady Antebellum to thoroughly die down before releasing their remix of the track. What they’ve finally delivered though isn’t relevant by its own merit, either, as even from a stylistic standpoint it would have made more sense as a 2015 release.

To be fair, Audien’s iconic synth lead in the original set a high bar – especially when you take into account that Two Friends’ remix followed a similar progressive house format. Nonetheless, if such a reimagining doesn’t improve upon the original then it should at least bring new concepts to the table, but none of the other parts of the arrangement are even different enough to warrant attention.

Two Friends‘ first big single of 2016 was the melodic “Forever,” so they’ve already proven themselves capable of updating their sound for the ever-changing electronic music landscape. With any luck, their “Something Better” remix will prove to have been a momentary departure from what was looking to be a promising creative tangent.