Ummet Ozcan Previews His Upcoming Single “Wickerman”


Dutch-Turkish DJ and producer Ummet Ozcan took to SoundCloud this week to upload a preview for his upcoming single “Wickerman,” which drops on June 13th via Musical Freedom.

The minute and a half long preview opens with a sinister, rhythmic synth stab that leads into a sprawling electro build-up which continues to soar upward to an aural breaking point. Ozcan then drops the energy back down, only to introduce enticing plucks and a looping sample commanding the listener to “clap your hands.”

The preview for “Wickerman” gives us a taste of the drops as well, and they feature stuttering vocal samples and a grungy bass sound playing a hypnotic pattern.

Although it’s brief, the preview promises to deliver another high energy banger from Ummet Ozcan, and you can bet that we’ll be picking the track up once it sees an official release next month.

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